Pumps and Pumping Stations

A pump station will be required wherever the site's natural hydraulics do not allow for your waste to flow from your property to the treatment plant, or then onwards from the treatment plant to the discharge point.

Pump Station Quick Specifier:

As independent installers, the MPC team have a broad and deep knowledge of the various pump types, manufacturers and performances that are available and would be most suited to your application. There are a number of factors that will determine what the right equipment is for your situation and while on the smaller end of capacities this should be relatively straightforward, the larger the volumes of effluent or the further it needs to be pumped then we will help you through the appropriate calculations.

We can construct pump stations to the particular specifications that you need or supply from stock for more standard applications, making sure that all of the necessary control systems and any monitoring is in place as is required.

Understanding the long term costs associated with running various different types of pump, pump station and the control philosophies that run them is becoming more important than ever, with rising energy costs and the implications of a pump station being out of operation. Again, we can help you understand the compromsises that inevitably arise when comparing different systems, different component products at different price-points so that you can make an informed decision for your site.